So, you’re sitting in a trendy café when in walks a sassy something with the most gorgeous long locks you’ve ever seen. Perfect highlights, beachy waves, and she seems to move in slow motion…or at least in your mind she does. A few minutes later, you spot another head of thick hair that’s perfectly tousled halfway down her back. What is happening? Have the hair gods conspired to ruin your day?  You start to wonder what vitamins these fairy tale princesses are taking and where you get the fairy dust. But I can let you in a dirty little secret we have at Dennis Bartolomei Salon and you’ll, too, have those rich, luscious locks in an hour and a half. EXTENSIONS! I’m not referring to the substandard type you just clip in, rather we use the highest grade of real hair extensions that blends naturally with your hair with a full selection of colors and textures.

Before & After of blended blonde hair extensions 

How it works:

We meet for a consultation to determine how many extensions will achieve your desired look and then we match the color. It’s a great time to add a few highlights, maybe go a little lighter like you’ve always wanted! Ordering the extensions takes roughly a week and your appointment takes about an hour and a half to apply them. You’ll return every 4-6 weeks to have them moved up and get a little trim, just as you would for your regular haircut. At Dennis Bartolomei Salon uses only the highest quality extensions and over 50% my clients get extentions and can’t imagine a day without them! Here are some of my clients below…




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